CyberQube provide a fully integrated Construction focused software solution known as "Cube"
Cube embraces all Operational, Financial and Commercial sectors of the Construction industry, delivering Software, Service and unrivalled Success to your business.

With over 20 years of expertise producing core financial and business management solutions, we are recognised as a leading force within the Construction industry.

We understand that managing the costs associated with the projects and contracts that you work on is vital to the success of any construction company. Without the right software tools there is no guarantee that the project will be a success. Cube provides you with all the information necessary to make critical and timely business decisions, manage costs and revenues, reduce risk and ultimately improve the bottom line.

Specialist Software designed for the sole use of the Construction Industry. 

We have a wealth of practical experience in working with the Construction industry – in fact we only develop software for your industry – and Cube is constantly updated to comply with industry changes, best practice, know how and changes in statutory UK legislation. We have specialised technical and commercial knowledge, which allows us to work in close partnership with our customers to make their businesses more successful.

Achieving a consistently high level of service and support is the basis of our reputation.

Cube is a fully integrated windows product, utilising all the latest innovations and technologies available in todays market. No matter how complex -or simple- your business requirements are, Cube fits in seamlessly and easily.

We deliver your solution on time and to budget, and make your vision a reality.

Cube scales seamlessly to meet any requirement, of any size, of any Construction business. 


Industry Standard affiliations ensure your investment is safe, secure and future proofed.