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Specific gains will accrue from:
  • Suitable for use by a main contractor billing a client or by a subcontractor billing a main contractor.
  • Due to the varying nature of the "Sale" process within the Construction industry, the system has fully customisable rules and options configurable at setup level.

    For example, how you deal with the treatment of VAT - before or after settlement?, on invoice or when cash received? - CyberQube recognises not all companies work the same way and has therefore designed the Sales system to be as flexible as possible to cope with all situations.
Industry Standard:
  • Income: Applications for payment, Contract Sales Invoice, payment certificates, Freeformat Invoice
  • VAT: Default, Before or After settlement
  • Build up to gross: Six seperate, fully customisable, gross columns + set offs
  • Transactions: Detail/Lump sum, Cumulative App/Inv, Certification, Internal Valuation (Memo)
  • Levy.
  • Discounts: Trade and Settlement
  • Retention: Percent, Limit and Release%
  • Link to facilities managment module if needed.
  • Detailed Reporting: Aged analysis, Open Item, Retention and Application overdue, Daily cash, Short/Long Term Cashflow, Forecast cash, Cash reconciliation, and others.
  • Credit control
  • EBIS electronic fax and e-mail facility will dramatically reduce the resource required to print, distribute, sort and archive key documents.
Visibility of Key information:
  • Credit control by Contract and Customer
  • Qube, Pivot, Slice and Dice, Export to excel and PDF, all standard features of the analysis screens in CyberQube which can be actioned in seconds. Give users back the power to make informed and timely decisions.