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Managing your construction projects efficiently and ensuring that work is completed within the planned schedule and budget, requires you to focus on many detailed elements of information.

Cube can help your entire business process through tendering, planning, budgeting, plan-execution, monitoring, measuring, reviewing and reporting.

It drives important and timely information to your desktops and devices enabling your team members and your partners to collaborate and make better informed decisions in managing their projects.

cyberqube software for contractors and subcontractors

House Builders

Cube provides house builders with all the commercial, financial and operational tools needed to manage the entire house building process.

Standard inbuilt efficiency savings like "tick" valuations for Subcontract payment (by plot, trade, build stage, house type/design etc), Procurement control (Release for build, release for sale, completion), Multi Order Control - one order raised for multiple plots and Order sets with plot control (do not order the same set for the same plot on the same site) ensure the entire process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

The unique approach Cube takes to deliver an all embracing, functionally rich solution, to the team members of a house builder/division ensures of a rapid uptake/adoption right from the start.

cyberqube software for house builders

software for house builders

Service Maintenance

Cube allows you as a company and as a service provider to make the most of your assets and maximise your operational efficiency.

The Service Maintenance solution is for the management of Work orders (Job Tickets), Service Requests, Asset Management and Preventive Planned Maintenance (PPM).

Utilising both the Internet and handheld PDAs, it removes the physical borders and time consuming paperwork/endless phone calls usually associated with the FM industry, delivering powerful cost effective savings to the engineers in the field as well as the people at head office.

The Service Maintenance module can be implemented either as part of the prime core Cube solution or as a standalone product.

cyberqube software for facilities management and service/maintenance


The role of a subcontractor is often quite simple – deliver a precise scope of work within a precise time, to a precise budget.

While simple in isolation, many factors can affect the practical ability of the subcontractor to deliver its required works.

Cube addresses these factors and gives you the tools and the time to manage the risks associated with the work package, ensuring the result is as expected - on-time and on-budget - to both yourself and your client.

cyberqube software subcontractors

software for subcontractors
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