The Cube solution combines the core disciplines of accounts and finance, procurement and contracts management, delivering functionality, business process and Information, that meet the varying needs of the Finance, Commercial and Operational teams throughout your organisation.

Through its flexible interface with 'best of breed' estimating, plant, human resources and CRM systems Cube offers an integrated management information system. As the raw data is entered, stored, retrieved and managed in a single database structure the problems inherent in competitors’ modular formats are avoided.

Specific gains will accrue from:

WIP / Reconciliation:
  • Integrated Cost/Nominal ledger negates lengthy month end reconciliation of two disparate modules. Contract reporting on cash and profitability therefore retains complete integrity.
Software dedicated to construction:
  • All specific requirements of the industry are standard –retentions, CIS, MCD, CITB, sub-contract reporting, contract cost and value reporting and so on.
Simplicity - added value:
  • Standard accounting functions are user friendly and have been developed though detailed task time analysis. Nominal journals can be imported, control and inter-company accounts easily reconciled. The resultant efficiency of the month end means time can be diverted onto activities value adding rather than value neutral activities.
System Integration:
  • The full integration of procurement, accounts and estimating eradicates manual matching procedures and multiple entries of the same data. Buying information and statistics are real time, improving buying margin and supply chain negotiations. Analysis against tender and construction budgets allows immediate action to investigate and resolve unfavourable variances and capitalise on favourable ones. Procurement security can be set to ensure the client’s corporate governance responsibilities are fulfilled.
  • EBIS electronic fax and e-mail facility will dramatically reduce the resource required to print, distribute, sort and archive key documents.
Visibility of Key information:
  • Qube, Pivot, Slice and Dice, Export to excel and PDF, all standard features of the analysis screens in CyberQube which can be actioned in seconds. Give users back the power to make informed and timely decisions.
Other benefits include:
  • Flexible Nominal Structure (supporting upto 6 levels)
  • Nominal, Cashbook & VAT Manager
  • Automated Trial Balance
  • User Definable Trial Balance and Profit and Loss structure
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Drill Down/up/into & across Reporting throughout
  • Fixed Assets
  • Subcontractor and Supplier payments, performance, trends and history
  • Customer Invoicing and Credit control
  • Payroll Timesheets, Pensions, Holiday Schemes and PAYE processing.
  • Individual Application Period Control
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