Cost Accounting

The Cube solution enables your management team to observe current cost levels, compare them with a standard plan or budget, and institute corrective action to keep the cost within an acceptable bound.

It also provides an invaluable tool for Contract cash supporting, as many of our clients believe - "Cash is King". Once projects are underway the expenditure and forecast cash flow must match available funding.

Providing the accurate visibility of these two major elements along with other associated costs empower the management team to take informed, timely and decisive actions to ensure of the project success.

  • No need to be an Accountant. Production staff can focus on what they do best, Managing the Job.

    Integrated "Mapped" cost code intelligence back to the Financial ledgers mean Production staff do not have to worry about "what the Accountants need" or "what code to designate" to a particular transaction, they simply carry out their usual activites.  Meanwhile "what the Accountants need" happens transparently in the background, so both parties get the information they need in the structure and presentation they understand.
Software dedicated to construction:
  • All specific requirements of the industry are standard -  Retentions, CIS, MCD, CITB, sub-contract reporting, contract cost and value reporting and so on.
  • The Commercial team will be using real time, accurate data at all times of the month.  Valuations and identification of variation items will be systems driven and will add immediate value to the top line. Control over sources of contract cost will add value to the bottom line.
  • The full integration of procurement, accounts and estimating eradicates manual matching procedures and multiple entries of the same data. Buying information and statistics are real time, improving buying margin and supply chain negotiations. Analysis against tender and construction budgets allows immediate action to investigate and resolve unfavourable variances and capitalise on favourable ones. Procurement security can be set to ensure the client’s corporate governance responsibilities are fulfilled.
Visibility of Key information:
  • Qube, Pivot, Slice and Dice, Export to excel and PDF, all standard features of the analysis screens in CyberQube which can be actioned in seconds. Give users back the power to make informed and timely decisions.
Other Benefits include:
  • Real Time Information
  • Flexible Costing Structure (supporting upto 6 levels)
  • Drill Down/up/into & across Reporting throughout
  • Budget control and Revisions
  • Commitment control
  • Liabilities
  • Work in Progress
  • Retentions
  • Revenue
  • Profit Review
  • Gain/Loss control
  • Cost Value Reconciliation
  • True Contract Cash Position
  • Forecast Cost/Value to complete
  • Subcontractor CIS and Insurance Tracking
  • Subcontract Orders, Quotations, Job and Fee Rates
  • Subcontract Valuations & Payments
  • Plot Costing/Tick Sheet input for House Builders
  • Purchase Orders, Call-offs/Deliveries, Invoice Matching and Addendums.
  • Material, Plant and Labour Cost Analysis
  • Contract Sales Value of Completed work, Applications & stage payments
  • Progress Chasing
  • Exception Reporting

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