Subcontract Management

Because of the increased project complexity and the highly competitive nature of the construction industry, a construction project often is executed by many subcontractors. Hence, effectively managing the numerous subcontractors involved in a construction project becomes a crucial challenge for the main contractor in ensuring timely project completion with acceptable quality.

Managing subcontractors does not simply involve asking them to allocate resources (labour, material, and machinery/equipment) into the project whenever an activity is scheduled, and then pushing them to speed up the work without a clear consciousness of schedule risk.

Factors (or uncertainties) such as weather, labour, site conditions, material delivery, and equipment breakdown can influence the time performance of subcontractors, affecting total project duration, and cost.

The Cube solution provides the tools to manage your Subcontractors from enquiry through to Order to final account and payment, as well as complying with all current UK legislation, it also records Subcontractor performance throughout, to create an "approved database" of reputable partners where both quality of workmanship and peace of mind is assured.

  • Capable, reliable, adequately insured and not overworked Subcontractors are used from the outset. Performance risks are minimised.
Industry Standard:
  • Full CIS, HMRC and VAT Compliance
  • Pre-qualification process
  • Enquiries
  • Quotations
  • Orders (including Supplementary and Variations)
  • Valuations
  • Liabilities, Contras, Retentions
  • Final Account
  • Applications/Certificates and Invoicing
  • Acquisition lead times and administrive costs are reduced. Standard negotiated terms and conditions apply. Electronic interchange of key information and documents allow improved workflow and quick decison making.
  • Q&A, RFI, Health and Safety, ISO 9001, Insurances with Expiry dates etc.
  • Assessment grade. For each project. the ability to Input weighted scores for each Subcontractor, per trade to give an overall "quality Score" for the Subcontractor.
  • Company Size
  • Company Turnover
  • Trades by Turnover
  • Business sectors
  • Contacts 
  • Min/Max Contract Value
  • Regions of Work
  • Volume of Enquiries Sent, Returned and Orders Placed
  • Assessment Grade
  • Bonds/Warranties and PCG
  • Quality products and services, tried and tested are sourced at discounted and favourable rates. Add value straight to the bottom line.
  • Better quality of, and Improved relationships with your Key subcontractors
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