Service / Maintenance

Cube allows you as a company and as a service provider to make the most of your assets and maximise your operational efficiency.

The Service Maintenance solution is for the management of Work orders (Job Tickets), Service Requests, Asset Management and Preventive Planned Maintenance (PPM).

Utilising both the Internet and handheld PDAs, it removes the physical borders and time consuming paperwork/endless phone calls usually associated with the FM industry, delivering powerful cost effective savings to the engineers in the field as well as the people at head office.

The Service Maintenance module can be implemented either as part of the prime core Cube solution or as a standalone product.

cyberqube software for facilities management and service/maintenance

Implementation of the Service Maintenance module has played an essential role in improving our productivity and accountability.

Cube holds all of our maintenance contracts, assets, schedules, orders, history and help desk information, making it an essential tool for the day to day management of our maintenance business.

The Cube system has greatly improved the handling of our additional works. We have seen a quicker turnaround of the daywork information, with better visibility of outstanding jobs hence speeding up of our invoicing. This has helped our own Clients budget their expenditure more accurately and dramatically improved our own cash flow

Lisa Hall, Director, Combined Energy Solutions

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