The Cube solution helps you achieve value for money (VFM) throughout your organisation, from enquiry right through to supplier payment.

It allows you to generate Requisitions from site, raise Purchase Orders (including change orders - addendums), track deliveries (GRNS), Invoices and returns, and integrates to the Estimating (Budgets, prices, shared discounts etc) and accounts payable to assist in margin analysis and cashflow. Where Stock is used, materials can also be purchased direct to your Warehouse/Distribution centre.

Integrated Exception analysis throughout alerts you to over-order, over-budget and best/better prices before an order is placed, and matching thresholds/tolerances to stop over-payment of incorrect invoices.

With full integration to the Cost ledger, Budgets, Committed Costs, Liability, Increased and Actual Costs can be closely monitored and corrective action taken where needed.

System integration:
  • The full integration of procurement, accounts and estimating eradicates manual matching procedures and multiple entries of the same data. Buying information and statistics are real time, improving buying margin and supply chain negotiations. Analysis against tender and construction budgets allows immediate action to investigate and resolve unfavourable variances and capitalise on favourable ones.
  • Buy to budget. Eyeball of budgeted figures and quantities with expenditure to date, at time of order placement, helps reduction of costly errors.
  • Margin analysis by job.
  • Integrated Exception handling throughout.
  • Standard "catalog" of products purchased, by Product code and by Product group enable cost coding to be allocated at a "one off setup stage" rather than during the procurement stage itself, therefore reducing coding errors and the need for cost transfers, whilst also improving the quality of information available to the Commercial teams.
  • Best Price, Lowest Price, Last used price. Pricing hierachy user definable to suit.
  • Approved Database of suppliers for quality assured sourcing.
  • Exposure to market fluctuations, price increases/decreases.
  • Reuter style news flashes for improved product purchasing.
  • Standard Product group, volume and supplier discounts automatically offered at Order input stage.
  • Top 10, 20 ... Suppliers by Year, by Region, by Spend, by Product Group ... and more.
Industry standard:
  • Requistions.
  • Orders - Materials, Plant, Stock (including Addendums and Credit Orders)
  • Bulk, Call-off and Order Sets (Housebuilders)
  • Price Books, Manual and internet supplied.
  • Branches
  • Grns
  • 2-way/3-way Invoice matching
  • Rebates
  • EBIS electronic fax and e-mail facility, will dramatically reduce the resource required to print, distribute, sort and archive key documents.
  • Electronic trading with Key supply Partners enables 80% of trade between yourselves to be automatically handled - dramtically reduce your overheads.
  • Information to site - Commercial team at the frontline better informed at the right time, reducing queries, and therefore risk.
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